First Impression: Mana Khemia Student Alliance (PSP)

It’s rare for me to get identical games on different consoles to compare the differences but this is an exception to that rule.

Basically Mana Khemia Student Alliance is a portable version of Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-Revis with a few extra features added on, which are a network mode for 2 player battles (that being 2 players against a monster) and jump start which if installed cerates a 95MB file on the memory stick which is supposed to improve loading times.

But what they give with one hand they take away with the other as they’ve removed the Japanese voices which means that I have to play this version with Flay sounding like a complete burk and the vice-principle having what sounds like a part Scottish part Russian accent (along with what I think is a few others now with no voices at all).

Also even after playing this for a little while I can see that little effort has been made in converting this game to the PSP since the opening video has had the top chopped off it to make it work on the PSP’s wide-screen display instead of re-animating it and the section on the campus map which shows if your in a class or not is now unreadable even when it’s close on the screen.

The worst thing is that even with jump start turned on the game suffers from horrific loading lag even when a battle is started and thus far the only thing in the jump start file is all the voice data which is pretty much pointless since it should’ve contained most of the data relating to battles or some of other components would speed things up a bit.

So to sum things up if you have either the PS2 or the PSP and you only want one version then get the PS2 version, but if you want to have a copy for the go as well then get both since you can try something on the portable version then do it again (or try something else you didn’t do on the portable version) on the PS2 version.

And if you only have one of the consoles then if you have a PS2 then just get that version and don’t bother with the PSP version, but if you only have a PSP and can’t afford a new (or used) PS2 and your not bothered about the loading lag then stick with the PSP version, but in the end if you want the better version then get the PS2 version and if you don’t have the console to play it on then get one.


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