First impression: Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquillity (Wii)

After waiting almost a year since this game was meant to have been released in the UK (and for being one of the few reasons to get a Wii) all I can say after 5 days play is it’s about time.

The basic storyline is the same as it has been since thhe beginning of the harvest moon series (you move to a new place to start a new life as a farmer growing crops, raising livestock and hopefully meating the girl of your dreams to marry and have children).
Although this game does take some pointers from magical melody as at the start your heading towards waffle island to start a new life as a farmer after reading a flashy leaflet and after you faint whilst the ship your on went through some rough seas you see a strange woman in your dreams and after a few days on the island you find out that a tree that watched over the island had died and the harvest goddess (the strange woman you see in your dreams) has also vanished so your character takes on the job of reviving the island, the 5 rainbows that had dissapeared after the tree died, bring back the harvest goddess and eventually bring the tree back to life.
The game controls have improved over the Wii conversion of magical melody where you could only use the Wiimote and nunchuck controller here you can also use the classic controller (although you will still have to use the Wiimote for the minigames) which does come in handy for those who tire quickly, although even though I put myself in that group for some strange reason I prefer playing the game using the nunchuk style control system (probably because I got used to it more whilst playing magical melody although that might change once I finally get a classic controller pro imported from Japan).
Whilst most of this game is the same as in every other game in this series the creators have also made merry with the changes which include a end of season flea market where you can buy things that are not normally sold in the shops on the island, being able to travel to the other inhabited islands surrounding waffle island (after you complete certain parts of the game and after you’ve gotten married, had a child and completed all the game you can either go on with the game or get a item from the harvest goddess and then continue playing the game as your child!!! so when they say that this is the biggest harvest moon game ever created for any system they’re not joking (so I’ve only touched the tip of the iceburg).

Whilst Everything else has gotten better the motion controls are still a bit touchy and even though the material requirements for building and improving your property have gone down obtaining that material with the basic tools you are given at the beginning of the game would mean that even the task of chopping down a tree for wood would quickly drain your stamina completely.

Apart from that this has to be the best harvest moon game made for any home console


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