Starting anew and announcing my plans

I posted my first video (there are now two, but I’ll be posting about that later) three days ago where I laid out my plans for the future of my new youtube and dailymotion channels.


To sum things up, I’ve been unemployed and seeking work for over ten years and in those years I’ve hardly had any responses back (meaning I haven’t had many interviews) and for those I have gotten beyond the application stage I can actually count them on one hand and have fingers remaining.


With my more recent discovery of youtubers such as Jayztwocents and Barnacules Nerdgasm who started their channels when they were in employment but decided to make it their career and main income source (the former gave it a lot of thought (of a kind) before they decided to quit their main source of income, and the latter was fired from their job (from Microsoft) and decided to have a go at turning his channel from a hobby to his main source of income which he needed to do as he lost the insurance he had when he was employed), so I’ve decided to attempt to come at it from the other angle and going from unemployed to making this blog along with the video streaming sites I’ve started up along with other services my main source of income.


This isn’t going to be easy since at the moment I still have to be actively seeking employment, so the amount of content I can put out will be limited until I can be certain that I can actually make the amount of money that is required to support myself for the future, but once I do that, I need to start paying any tax on my income myself along with making sure I have the necessary insurance to pay for any medical treatment that the NHS doesn’t cover (like dental treatment) along with paying for the certificate that means that I won’t have to pay the charges for all the medication that I have to take.


Needless to say, the next few months to the next year will be hard with working on the blog, getting videos shot and getting all the hardware I need to make everything easier to do.


The first thing that needs to be completed is what I’m referring to as the office as I’ve already gotten the desks, but I need to wait until the end of the month to get some other parts for my main (and the better of the two systems I have) computer and it also starts on my actual gaming (which will allow live streaming of games) system which will be the first of three main computers that I’ll be building.


That’s all I have to say on this now, so I’ll catch you laters.


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