My attempts (and faliures) at video game capture

Now that I’m getting everything up and running with regards to the video side of things, I wanted to get some gameplay footage recorded so that I could upload it to the relevant channels and did some tests yesterday.


It didn’t go well.


I started with FTL for which I had a good idea for a video series, but the initial attempts to set it up didn’t go well as the OBS program window was always visible in the preview which I found out was because I was using window capture, however, when I finally set it up using game capture and started the preview the fun started as the game started acting like it did when the laptop was using the microsoft provided drivers for the GPU (lagging like all heck and OBS was constantly complaining about high CPU encoding) and even with dropping some settings it still had the same problems and for some unknown reason FTL shut down during one preview test, so I decided to try something else.


That something else was superfrog (the original and not the HD remake) which seemed to be promising when I started the preview after making sure everything was configured correctly, but the moment the game tried to load the next screen the sound started to stutter and the CPU usage warning flashed up each time on OBS, and even after resetting the game resolution back to default the result was the same so that was another fail as I didn’t want any recording to suffer with any audio distortion.


The final attempt at this was with planetarian (which I’d purchased recently), and that was where everything went to pot with OBS as its game capture setting couldn’t pick up on the games window, and while window capture could pick it up it wasn’t filling the preview window, so I decided to end the test there and not bother until I had a decent system set up that could do this.


That means that to be able to do any game capture, I’ll have to either update my existing desktop (which should be able to run almost all of the games in my steam library) or build a new computer of which both are in the pipeline.


And that’s it, so until next time catch you laters.


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