Update on the game capture test.

After my first attempt to test game capture failed miserably, I thought that I would only be doing game capture through my camcorder and only for console games.


When I decided to dig out the collection of DOS and early windows 95 games, I also decided to find out if I could capture video from a vanilla DOSBox install and things were going about the same as the last attempt.


That was until I decided to reduce the output resolution (if that is what the setting is for) which brought more success, but the game was still running with a lot of black space as the actual capture resolution was set to what I was using to do web page capture so I changed the resolution to around what the games would be displayed at.


Once I got everything configured correctly I pressed the preview stream button in OBS and everything started working with primal rage without and lag whatsoever except for the fact that I’d set the capture resolution to 640×480 while primal rage actually ran at a resolution of 640×400.


With that success in the bag, I decided to move over to the original super stardust which required another resolution change since I’d changed it to test primal rage at its actual resolution but the success was mixed as while the menu looked to run normally when I started the test capture and when I started the test play it started lagging badly which turned out to be the game not pushing up the CPU cycle count and increasing it to over 10000 cycles made it more playable and the capture worked at those same settings.


Now that I have this success, I might go back to ftl and see if doing a forced reduction of the games native resolution in the capture software helps make the game run with less to no lag in game.


Until then, I’ll catch you laters.