Review: Magical Witch Punie-chan

When you look at the cover and read the small summary (if you buy this on line) you would probably be wondering why such a cute looking girl is hated so much that a lot of people want her dead, but all that cuteness is just a cover as punie has a darker side which when unleashed will just about abandon her magical abilities in exchange for punishing her opponents with a wide variety of submission holds that will leave her opponent without a single intact bone in their body, and this has made her so many enemies that even her cute animal mascot (who’s head she cracked like an egg), her (shock) younger twin sisters Puyn and Potaru and a plethora of other persons want her to be as dead as a doorstop.

The story focuses on Punie Tanaka who has to spend a year on earth as a test to see if she is good enough to be the successor to the throne to the magical land that her mother and father rule over and if she fails then there’s a list of others who are more then willing to take over succession (mostly by killing of Punie so she can’t succeed her mother for the throne). There’s also a short line of supporting characters including Anego who is the schools gang leader and seems to lead a load of extremely ugly girls but they get their way most of the time (mostly through violence), Tetsuko who is saved by Punie in the very first episode and is a large chested, glasses wearing complete and total train nut, Payatan who is Punie’s cute animal mascot and Pyun and Potaru Tanaka Punie’s younger twin sisters who have their eye’s on Punie’s spot as successor to the throne.

This series is classed as a comedy and it doesn’t fail to impress from the get go with Punie’s mother sending Punie’s bawling father flying back a few feet shortly followed by punie’s magical veggie attack on Anego and her gang when they target her (and on the second wave I was going to chime in with part of a modified version of the pokemon song) and the shocked face of Anego shortly after when Punie suddenly appears whilst her and her gang are trying to shut down a rival curry stand that was being run by Tetsuko who actually is the first person to be on the receiving end of Punie’s other personality but she doesn’t end up on the receiving end of any of punie’s submission holds (thankfully) but Anego and her gang were not since they soon found out the even if they have a charm that is supposed to keep Punie from being able to use her magic it doesn’t stop her from breaking several of their bones with her plethora of submission holds but even then she doesn’t give her younger twin sisters the same treatment when they show their teeth since all they end up with is either a bottom slapping or several other punishments that are more fitting to their age (but I think what she should’ve done is on the first sign of betrayal to send them back home with every bone in their body broken).

But even though this starts on the right note it fails abysmally in the last 3 episodes as even though they kept some humour in with Punie using real cavalry in a mock cavalry battle in episode 7 the rest fails as they seemed to use several references from both alien and the evil dead which was just the death knell for this as a comedy anime and to be honest the people who though of those plot twists should be on the receiving end of punie’s submission holds.

Final words

A good short series but let down by a bad ending